A week after the WTC final, Southee’s secret blast, ‘Rohit got wicket and New Zealand …

New Zealand fast pitcher Tim Southee has revealed some secrets, some interesting revelations, after a week of World Cup championships. (Tim Southee reveals the secret delivery of Rohit Sharma Wicket India vs New Zealand WTC Final 2021)

Bombay : World Trials Championship (Final of WTC 2021) Over the course of the week, New Zealand fast bowler Tim Southee revealed some secrets, some interesting revelations. Team South revealed how Rohit Sharma’s wicket was planned and worked hard for his wicket. I was planning many days before the competition. Working hard, Team Southee expressed the feeling of achieving it. The Kiwis beat India by 8 wickets in the final of the World Trials Championship. (Tim Southee reveals the secret delivery of Rohit Sharma Wicket India vs New Zealand WTC Final 2021)

The Southee Bowling Masterclass

In the ICC World Test Championship final against New Zealand, India’s two starters, Shubhaman Gill and Rohit Sharma, were pitched by Tim Southee in the second inning. Both grounds were picked up by bowler Kiwi Southee through his bowling masterclass. For the first time, he sent Gill to the store with a three-quarter ball of sewing. The ball landed on the field and Gill headed in the direction of the store before he knew it. On the other hand, the ball Rohit Sharma was fired on does not look the same in cricket, in fact very few bowlers have the art of throwing it. The ball went in but Rohit thought it wouldn’t go into the stumps. With that thought, he dropped the ball and hit his pad. The referees declared it lbw.

I have no speed but

I think any player tries to improve his game. I don’t have much speed. So I had to try to take the wickets in a different way. I am more confident in my swing. I like to have diversity because I need it. But Duke’s ball swings more than Kukabura’s ball, so it took a lot of work before the series to play this ball. Both sides had to try to swing the ball. ‘

He learned the skill before going on tour to England.

New Zealand bowling coach Shane Jurgeson said Tim Southee worked on these new changes at Camp Lincoln before moving to England. He said, ‘I think Tim was working on some things for the Rohit window. Southee is always trying to improve. I think the same goes for all the bowlers on our team and the last two years have seen results. It started during our camp in Lincoln in May. “

“I was working at Southee Inswing at the time. It took him a while to come to a conclusion. In this, the ball was falling like a balancer but he was inswing. It will probably have more speed than the traditional inswinger and the credit goes to Tim Southee. Rohit got the wicket in the second inning and New Zealand laid the foundation for victory there, “said Shane Jurgeson.

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