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Adam Cole on the creative differences between NXT and AEW: “With AEW, from the beginning, I’ve been trusted.”

Adam Cole appeared on Busted Open today to discuss the differences between working in NXT and AEW, his relationship with Tony Khan, and appearing on Bar Rescue.

Adam Cole on the difference between working in NXT and AEW:

“Personally, by far the most important thing is the fact that I get to travel and spend more time with Britt Baker. There was a minute there where I felt like she was maybe seeing her once every week and a half just because our schedules were so different. Now to go from barely seeing each other and FaceTiming for a couple of minutes after a game to tell me she’s okay, to being able to stand behind the curtain and give her a hug and talk to her right away and being able to Travel with her has been amazing. So personally it’s been fantastic,” Cole said.

“Creatively, I would say that the biggest difference is that NXT had a very practical approach, which is wonderful. It is a great learning experience. When you look at guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who have an exact vision of where they wanted to go, what they wanted promos to sound like, and what they wanted us to say. Then as time went on, I got more freedom, whether it be with promotions or matches, because they started trusting me.”

“With AEW, from the very beginning, no one has ever handed me a script for a promotion. Nobody has ever told me directly how they want my game to go. You get that creative process and that freedom to do what you want, especially if you’re someone who is trusted. Fortunately with AEW, from the beginning, they have trusted me. So I would say they definitely give you a lot more things to play with and use your own creative process to make things that you want.”

On her relationship with Tony Khan:

“I got to know Tony a little bit before I even started working for AEW when I went to New Year’s Eve parties or went to see Britt. I was able to meet and talk to everyone and I was also able to meet Tony. So he was always a very kind and nice guy.”

“But ever since I’ve been working with him, I feel like any time of night, any time of day, I could text or call him. Even if he can’t reach me right away because he’s a very busy guy, I know he’ll make time and reach out to me.”

“His passion for professional wrestling is so contagious that you can’t help but get excited. Whether you’re getting ready to do something or just brainstorming, you’re very open to a lot of different ideas. At the end of the day, he is someone who loves pro wrestling with all his heart and soul.”

On him and Britt appearing on Bar Rescue:

“It was kind of a random thing that was brought up to Britt actually, where someone inside AEW was like, ‘Hey, we have an opportunity for you and Adam to do this show, Bar Rescue.’ The best part was that Britt wasn’t quite sure what she was.”

“So it was very ironic because Britt and I were on Anthony Bourdain at one point years ago, and it was a very similar story where Britt was like, ‘Oh, did some guy Anthony Bourdain ask me to do this show, and I’m like what?’ I’ve lost my mind. I was like you had to do this. So I was lucky to be with her.”

“But a similar story with Bar Rescue. My little brother watches Bar Rescue all the time. He is like the biggest fan of the show. Aside from the fact that I also really liked the show, I felt like I had to do it for my little brother. I’m like, oh my God, we have to do this.”

“Jon Taffer was amazing. I thought this was really cool. I told him that my younger brother was a big fan of his show. He immediately said, ‘Well, let me shoot a video for him.’ I was like, ‘What?’ He says ‘Yeah, yeah, just let me say hello. What is his name?’ I said, ‘It’s Brent,’ and then he shot this 30-45 second promo for my little brother and he’ll cherish it forever. So he was a professional. The whole team was really great.”

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