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Andrew Symonds’ life is over, but two dogs with him survived, eyewitnesses say what happened at the last minute? |

Death of Andrew Symonds: The woman who was at the scene of the accident said that along with Symonds, her two dogs were also in the car.

Mumbai: Famous Australian Cricketer by Andrew Symonds (Death of Andrew Symonds) Died in a traffic accident yesterday. Symonds’ untimely death has shocked the cricket world. Queensland Police (queensland police) confirmed the news of the death of Andrew Symonds on Sunday morning. Andrew Symonds used to play cricket, one of the best all rounders of him at the time (all round) to be calculated. Symonds is one of only three all-round Australians to score more than 5,000 runs and take more than 100 wickets. Andrew Symonds’ car has crashed on Harvey Range Road near the Ellis River Bridge in Queensland. Symonds’ car went off the road. The police gave this information. Eyewitnesses said they did everything they could to save Symonds’ life. Two minutes after the accident, he saw Symonds in the car.

A dog was very sensitive.

The woman, who was on scene at the time of the crash, said Symonds and her two dogs were in the car. Both dogs survived. “One dog was very sensitive. He wasn’t ready to leave Symonds,” she said, reported by the Australian Courier Mail.

Symonds stepped back

There was a colleague with this woman. He tried to save Symonds’ life. But her pulse was off. “My colleague pulled Symonds out of the car. Put it on your back. He was unconscious. Some did not respond. The pulse did not race, ”said an eyewitness. There was no indication Symonds was intoxicated, the police inspector said. A team of paramedics arrived, with local residents gathered around. The locals helped them in any way they could and immediately contacted the emergency services. Andrew Symonds is the third Australian cricketer to die prematurely this year. Shane Warne and Rod Marsh passed away a few months ago. Andrew Symonds has been the subject of much controversy, not just cricket. The Monkey Gate affair between Harbhajan and him was very popular.

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