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Andrew Symonds played for ME along with Bhajji, who was called a monkey! Monkeygate to alcoholism, how was Symonds? |

Andrew Symonds Died: The death of Andrew Symonds in a car accident has shocked many.

Mumbai: Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds (Andrew Symonds(Car crash)Car crash) He died. He was severely beaten in a horrible car accident. The death of Andrew Symonds at the age of 46 has shaken the entire cricketing world. Shane Warne died a month ago. The Australian cricket world is recovering from that scare. Then came the shocking news. Andrew Symonds’ car overturned near Townsville, Queensland. In it, Andrew Symonds was severely beaten. Andrew Symonds, who was seriously injured, died in the tragic accident. The local police have informed about it. Andrew Symonds’ memories with India will never be forgotten. Monkeygate controversy with Harbhajan Singh (Money gate controversy) It was a success. The competition between Andrew Symonds and Indian cricket has been in the news ever since. Meanwhile, Andrew Symonds also played in the IPL. Notably, Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds played the same match in the IPL. Now all these memories are not remembered by sports fans as flashback once again with the departure of Andrew Symonds, only then!

Think of your most loyal, fun loving friend who would do anything for you. That’s Ray. 3

-Adam Gilchrist (gilly381) May 15, 2022

Monkeygate controversy with Harbhajan

There was a strange incident with Harbhajan Singh in Australia. Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh had a great discussion. Harbhajan was accused by Andrew Symonds of making racist comments. Andrew Symonds had accused Harbhajan Singh of calling him a monkey.

This really hurts. #roy #rip

-Adam Gilchrist (gilly381) May 14, 2022

Cricket is actually called a gentleman’s game. But it was a long-standing controversy in the history of cricket. The dispute between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds was called Monkeygate. The controversy was so tense that Ricky Ponting reported the matter to Steve Buckner and Mark Benson. A Sydney court has also ruled on the case.

Meanwhile, no action was taken against Bhajji as no evidence was found in the case. The whole controversy erupted after the 2007-2008 tour of India in Sydney.

then they played together

Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds later played together. The strongest bid in the IPL was made by the Mumbai Indians against Andrew Symonds. Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds were then seen playing together on the same team. Andrew Symonds also got a lot of love from the Mumbai team at the time.

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