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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Brody King shares what The House of Black does to maximize the amount of TV time they get

Brody King sat down with Denise Salcedo this week to talk about maximizing his TV minutes, the House of Black collaboration, and how he feels about Tony Khan buying ROH.

Brody King on maximizing his TV minutes:

“I think there are 120-something fighters on the list. Obviously, if you break it down into TV minutes, there’s not much. I think the best part about House of Black specifically is that Malakai has so much experience with TV time. In WWE, he learned from a lot of great people who gave him a lot of insight on how to get the most out of something. I feel like he’s so good at it, especially in AEW,” King said.

“If we’re given a 60-second promo, it can feel much deeper than just a minute. I feel like that’s where you really need to be successful. If they give you a four-minute game, you have to make people remember that four-minute game. If they give you a promo of 60, you have to give it your all in that promo and not just stand in front of a backdrop and just say words. You have to make people feel it, remember it and want more.”

King was asked if the ideas for The House of Black are a collaboration of the members:

“Everything with House of Black is very much a collaboration. Usually one of us will come to the table with an idea. Then we all build on that and do something with it. Whether it’s a segment, a promotion or a match, what do you think we should do? Everyone gives what they think they should. Then we take pieces of all that and make it all. So it’s really cool, because it doesn’t feel like one person is in control of everything.”

“Obviously Malakai has a lot more wrestling experience to guide all of our ideas. I feel like without him, it might not be as polished as it would be.”

On Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor:

“There were a lot of really talented people in Ring of Honor and I felt like we had something we could have done a lot more with. But just, I don’t want to say that we held back, but it was very difficult to get the people in charge to want to listen to us because we felt like we had good ideas to generate more excitement or attract more people. to see the product, and it just didn’t translate. They felt that nothing was wrong and that they were going to continue doing what they were doing. Tony really likes listening to the fans.”

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