Cricket Facts: For the first time in cricket history, when two sisters played for a team

In the world of cricket, we know that many brothers have played together. All countries, including India, have many such examples. But did you know that the two sisters played for the country in the same Test Match?

Bombay: In cricket, we know many examples of two brothers playing on the same team. So we meet all-rounder Sam Karan-Tom Karan, currently playing for England, from veteran Australian cricketer Steve Waugh-Mark Waugh. Before India, Yusuf Pathan-Irfan Pathan and now Hardik Pandya-Krinal Pandya play. But did you know that in all this, the two sisters also played in the same match? If not, listen. The first sisters in international cricket to play a match for the same team at the same time are the ‘Signal Sisters’ of the New Zealand team. (In cricket history, the first twin sisters to play in the same event, the New Zealand signal sisters played together on this day)

The two sisters, Rosemary Signal and Elizabeth Signal, played together in a Test Match for the New Zealand team on the same day, July 6, 1984. This is the first time that several sisters have played together for a team, and the two sisters they are still remembered in history.

Rosemary was only able to play 1 trial and 6 ODI

Rosemary Signal played only one Test Match for New Zealand. In which he averaged 8 runs in both innings. He could not bear a single wicket in the entire game. Rosemary played 6 ODIs considering ODIs. In which he scored 12 runs with an average of 6. 8 remained his highest score. She has two wickets to her name in ODI cricket.

Elizabeth played 6 tests and 19 ODI

Rosemary’s sister, Elizabeth Signal, played 6 events for New Zealand. In which he scored 82 runs in 6 innings with an average of 20.50. An undefeated 55 was his highest score. He also took eight wickets in his test run. Elizabeth scored 79 runs in 12 innings with an average of 11.28 in 19 ODI. An undefeated 28 was his highest score. Took 7 plots in 19 ODI.

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