Delhi Capitals Players Ready to Go, Seek Ahmedabad or Lucknow Captaincy |

It has already been revealed that in the next IPL, IPL 2022, 10 teams will play instead of 8. Consequently, two new teams have been announced and two teams have entered, Lucknow and Ahmedabad. The arrival of a new team will definitely change a lot.

The mega auction of IPL 2022 is coming soon. With 10 teams instead of 8 this time around, there will definitely be big changes in terms of great players! According to sources, although Mumbai Hardik Pandya is not likely to be retained, now even the strongest player from Delhi can leave the team.

The player is former Delhi captain Shreyas Iyer. At IPL 2021, the Delhi Capitals captaincy went to Rishabh Pant and led the team to the playoffs. As Shreyas has not returned to the captaincy, his focus will now be on captaining the newly formed IPL teams from Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

Shreyas Iyer can say goodbye to the Delhi team from the captaincy. According to sources, Shreyas wants to play the role of captain and Iyer may leave the team as Delhi Pant is unlikely to give up the position.

According to the new rules, 8 teams that already play in the IPL can retain their 4 previous players. Of course, the team can keep up. By doing so, the newly added teams from Lucknow and Ahmedabad will be able to take 3 of each of the remaining players. In this, Ahmedabad or Lucknow will need a captain and Shreyas can also be considered.

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