Former Indian cricketer fined for littering in the Goa

The former Indian cricketer was once known as the best outfielder in India. At the same time, he was responsible for hitting in the lower order.

Panaji: An Indian cricketer has been fined 5,000 rupees for littering in the area. This is the case in a Goa village and the sarpanch has imposed the fine. Meanwhile, the player who was fined is Ajay Jadeja, who was once the best outfielder in India. Ajay Jadeja, a key player on the Indian cricket team in the 90’s, owns a beautiful bungalow in Aldona, Goa. He also lives there. (Ajay Jadeja, Indias Formar cricketer, fined 5000 for littering)

There is a town called Nachinola next to Aldona, Jadeja’s house. Sarpanch Trupti Bandodkar has imposed the fine. “There is a huge waste problem everywhere in our town,” Trupti told PTI. So the villagers have to suffer a lot and we are working hard to make the village trash free. Meanwhile, when we found out that garbage from outside the town was also thrown in our town, we investigated and found that part of the garbage was from Ajay Jadeja’s house. We found some bills in his name in the trash, so we decided to fine him. “

Total cooperation from Jadeja

Sarpanch Trupti Bandodkar further said: “After fining Jadeja, he immediately admitted his mistake and paid all the fines. In the meantime, we are proud that a great cricketer lives in our neighboring town.”

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