Hardik Pandya gets a T20 World Cup ticket because of Dhoni, otherwise packed by the selection committee! |

Bombay: The Indian team suffered a crushing 10-wicket defeat against Pakistan in the opening match of the T20 World Cup. This time, India felt the lack of a sixth bowler. Meanwhile, Hardink, who has this responsibility on the team, was unable to bowl. The fact that Hardik Pandya does not bowling is of concern to Indian cricket. He has not bowled this IPL season. This is due to the back injury. This has plagued him for days and affected his bowling. He didn’t even touch the ball in the game against Pakistan. Although Pandya was seen bowling on the nets, it is unclear if he will play in the game against New Zealand. (The selectors wanted to send Hardik Pandya back home, but MS Dhoni supported him: Report)

Pandya was selected as an all-rounder when the Indian selection committee selected him for the T20-2021 World Cup, but he has not played in the IPL since. After seeing Pandya’s IPL-2021 form, the selectors decided to send it back to India, but then Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni), who was appointed as Team India’s mentor for the World Cup, did not allow that to happen.

The Times of India has revealed this in its report. The newspaper quoted a source as saying that Dhoni stopped Pandya due to his ability to shoot. “The truth is that when he was not bowling in the IPL, the selectors wanted to send him back to India, but MS Dhoni supported his ability to finish matches,” the newspaper reported.

… So I won’t give Pandya a place in the team: Gavaskar

Former India captain and starter Sunil Gavaskar has made it clear that if Hardik pitches well, there is no point in giving him a spot on the team. Gavaskar has suggested giving Ishaan Kishan a chance instead of Pandya. Apart from this, Gavaskar has also drawn attention to another change in the XI’s game against New Zealand.

In an interview with Sports Takla, Gavaskar made it clear: “If Hardik does not play bowling, I will replace him with Ishant Kishan in the game XI for the game against New Zealand.” Other than that, I would like to replace Bhuvneshwar Kumar with Shardul Thakur. Making more than two team changes will send a message to the opposing team that you are in the rear.

Will Pandya bowling against New Zealand if given the chance?

Hardik Pandya had back pain while bowling. But now, according to the information that has come to light, you will definitely be able to bowl in the next game as you do not have this problem while bowling during practice. In the photo released by BCCI, Hardik is hitting along with the pins. Therefore, Pandya, who failed to score a great score against Pakistan, is expected to hit well against New Zealand.

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