Illegally stored Covid-19 medicine Fabiblu, Gautam Gambhir Foundation convicted; Supreme court

The Comptroller of Drugs said that action should be taken against the Gautam Gambhir Foundation and drug traffickers without wasting time.

New Delhi The unauthorized storage, purchase and distribution of Fabiflu Medicine, a drug used to treat Covid-19 patients, to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation, the Delhi government Department of Drug Control told the High Court on Thursday. (Covid-19 Medicine Fabiblu illegally stored, Gautam Gambhir Foundation convicted; High Court)

The drug controller said that action should be taken against the foundation and drug traffickers without wasting time. The Drug Controller told the High Court that MLA Praveen Kumar has also been convicted of similar offenses under the Drug and Cosmetics Act. The court ordered the drug controller to submit a report on the progress and status of the cases within six weeks and set July 29 for the next hearing.

In particular, the Delhi High Court ordered the Drug Controller on May 25 to investigate the shortage of drugs used in the treatment of Covid-19 and in the meantime find and investigate cases of drugs purchased by various leaders. BJP MP Gautam Gambhir may be distributing drugs with good intentions, but he has inadvertently committed illegal acts. The Delhi High Court had ordered the Delhi Drug Controller to submit a status report on allegations that members of the Aam Aadmi Party judicial police, Preeti Tomar and Praveen Kumar, had collected and obtained oxygen.

A bank of judges Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh had said that drug regulators should know how a person stored Fabiclu or how much they bought. Because basically there is a huge shortage of this drug. How can a person buy such a large quantity of medicine even though it is not readily available?

Irresponsible behavior; Superior Court Debt

The court said: “Gautam Gambhir may have distributed the drugs with good intentions. We have no doubt about his intentions. He is a national player of our country. But our question is, when we know that there is a shortage of these drugs in the country, do we Is it responsible behavior to buy or store in bulk? In fact, it was a reckless act, even if it happened inadvertently. This is not a way to buy large quantities of drugs on the market, of course not.

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