India vs New Zealand: Zaheer Khan’s Valuable Advice for Team India, Says Real Strength of Team New Zealand |

World Cup T20 2021: The Indian team has had a very bad start to the World Cup (World Cup T20 2021). With Pakistan losing by 10 wickets, the Indian team now needs to win the remaining matches by a large margin. The next game will be against New Zealand on Sunday (October 31). Meanwhile, before the match, former India bowler Zaheer Khan has given valuable advice to the Indian team. He has asked the Indian team to be wary of New Zealand’s winning attitude.

Zaheer Khan said: “The New Zealand team plays very hard to win every game. Even after a very poor hitting against Pakistan, it made it difficult for Pakistan to complete even a small 135-run challenge. If you look at the performance of bowling and the field, they did not leave the game until the end, so India must also be careful.

Victory is important for both teams

Pakistan have beaten both India and New Zealand in Group 2 in the first match. So now both teams will fight hard to win the next match. This victory is crucial for both teams to survive in the tournament. Currently, Pakistan is in the first position and Afghanistan is in the second position.

When is the match?

The game between India and New Zealand will be played on Sunday October 31 at the Dubai International Stadium. The match will start at 7.30pm India time. The coin toss will take place at 7pm

What is the group’s situation with India?

The Super 12 consists of two groups, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia. In this, Pakistan has surpassed both India and New Zealand. You have 4 points on your account. They are second with 2 points when Afghanistan beat Scotland. Namibia beat Scotland to finish third New Zealand and India are in fourth and fifth place with one loss apiece. Scotland is sixth with two defeats.

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