India vs Pakistan: After the victory over India, Babar Ajman gave a valuable message

World Cup T20 2021: The excellent combination of excellent bowling and moderate hitting helped Pakistan defeat India (India vs Pakistan) in the first match of the T20 World Cup (2021). In this match, Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets. Initially, Pakistan defeated India with 151 runs. After that, starters Babar Azam and Rizwan completed the entire goal with one wicket and won by 10 wickets.

After 14 years, Pakistan defeated India in the World Cup and for the first time in the T20 World Cup. The greatest credit for this victory goes to the team captain, Babar Azam, who did a great job as captain. But he also did well at hitting and helped the team win. Originally, after this great victory, he celebrated the victory very calmly without showing any aggression on the field. He then gave a valuable message to all the players in the locker room and asked them to pay attention to the entire competition without being over the top.

What did Babar say?

Speaking in the locker room after the victory, Babar said: “We have won this match as a team. Heather is just the beginning. Enjoy, but don’t overdo it. Tomorrow is the day but if we keep celebrating, keep in mind that there is still competition. We want to focus on the future. This match happened. But our goal is to win the World Cup. Today we won as a team. So don’t be too enthusiastic, I beg you. “

The captain and head coach address the players after Pakistan’s historic victory over India. #We have

– Pakistan Cricket (@TheRealPCB) October 24, 2021

This was the game

Pakistan won the draw and chose to pitch first. After which the Indian batsmen entered the field. In this, starters Rohit and Rahul, who are the best hitters, scored only 0 and 3 runs. During the entire match, Virat and Rishabh only fought. Kohli scored 57 and Pant 39 runs. After that, the entire team’s innings were down to 151 runs in 20 overs as no one was performing well.

Pakistan, who came onto the field to chase 152 runs, showed a different class in hitting early on. The two starters, Babar Azam and Rizwan, scored excellent half centuries. Babur scored 68 of 52 balls. Rizwan scored 79 of 55 balls. None of the bowlers in India have been able to bowl. India has suffered a humiliating defeat of 10 plots without taking a single plot of land.

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