India vs Pakistan: ‘Virat hugs Pakistani players after the match, will he be arrested too?’.

Dubai: The 2021 T20 World Cup saw a one-sided battle between India and Pakistan on Sunday. The match was easily bagged by Pakistan. The match was viewed with great enthusiasm across India. Indian fans were overwhelmed, but the match remained in the news for a number of reasons. One of them was celebrating Pakistan’s victory in some places in India with firecrackers, while others congratulated Pakistan on social media. Therefore, measures were taken against these people on humanitarian grounds under the Law on the Prevention of Illegal Activities. Meanwhile, India’s captain Virat also hugged Pakistani Rizwan while congratulating him on the field during the match, so will Acha arrest him too?

After this great match between India and Pakistan, various memes and comments from veterans are hitting social media. In such a situation, many have liked Virat’s attitude on the field after the match. But, on the one hand, while those who celebrate Pakistan’s victory are being prosecuted, will action now be taken against Virat’s behavior? This question has been posed by Nitin Raut. You have asked this question while posting a post on Facebook.

This was the game

Pakistan won the draw and chose to pitch first. After which the Indian batsmen entered the field. In this, starters Rohit and Rahul, who are the best hitters, scored only 0 and 3 runs. During the entire match, Virat and Rishabh only fought. Kohli scored 57 and Pant 39 runs. After that, the entire team’s innings were down to 151 runs in 20 overs as no one was performing well.

Pakistan, who then entered the field to chase 152 runs, showed a different class in hitting early on. Both starters, Babar Azam and Rizwan, scored excellent half centuries. Babur scored 68 of 52 balls. Rizwan scored 79 of 55 balls. None of the bowlers in India have been able to bowl. With no land taken, India suffered a humiliating defeat of 10 lots.

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