Ipl 2022 didn’t treat me well in recent years on ipl says chris gayle

Gayle had a lot of anger on her mind. Along the same lines, it was not registered in the IPL 2022 draft. If there is no name in the draft, how will the franchisee buy it?

Mumbai: No matter how big your name is, respect is very important. According to prestige, if there is no honor, there is pain. chris gay (chris gay) That is exactly what happened. Gayle has not been honored at the IPL. Chris Gayle has revealed himself in an interview with The Mirror. He has explained everything in this interview. For the last two years, Chris Gayle has struggled to play in the IPL. The tragedy that happened these two years was that Chris Gayle had so much pain inside that she had gone through Kollam. There was a lot of anger in his mind. With the same rage, he won the IPL 2022 (IPO 2022) was not recorded in the draft. Drought (DroughtIf there is no name on), how will the franchisee buy it?

Now the question is, what happened to Chris Gayle at IPL? Why did he suffer so much?

Not getting a good deal on IPL

“I haven’t been treated well in IPL 2022 for the last two years. If you don’t get respect in the game you gave your all to, then it’s natural to suffer. That’s why I didn’t name myself in the IPL 2022 draft,” Chris Gayle said. in an interview with The Mirror.

Maybe Gayle was more bothered by this.

There is no doubt about the skill and ability of this player who has played for three teams in the last 14 years in IPL. Many registrations in the IPL are in the name of Chris Gayle. But whatever happened to him in the last two years, he had passed through Kollam from the inside. Chris Gayle hasn’t had many opportunities to play the last two years. Sometimes I had a chance in the playing XI, sometimes I got kicked out. Gayle looked at all of this with a feeling that we were being treated unfairly. That’s why Chris Gayle avoided signing up for this year’s mega auction.

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