IPL 2022 Hardik Pandya Will Not Be In Mumbai Indians ?

Bombay: The Hardik Pandya all-rounder hasn’t done well for some time. Hardik, who once won the match on his own, seems to be out of shape lately. There are many questions since you are not even bowling. New information has emerged regarding the upcoming IPL auction (IPL 2022) and currently IPL gaming teams will only be able to retain 4 players. According to him, the Mumbai team is unlikely to maintain Hardik’s form.

A senior IPL official said: “I think the new rules allow the team to retain four players. There is no doubt that it will have Captain Rohit Sharma. It will definitely take Bumrah as the head of bowling.” Current circumstances, Pollard seems to be more preferred than Hardik as an all-rounder. He is also the fourth hitter to be replaced by a key hitter, Suryakumar and Ishan Kishan. So it will be difficult to retain Hardik. Of course, there is no question that Hardik He will do his best to join the Mumbai team in the auction.

What are the new rules regarding lilies?

According to the new rules, 8 teams already playing in the IPL can retain their 4 previous players. Of course, the team can keep up. By doing so, the newly added teams from Lucknow and Ahmedabad will be able to take 3 of each of the remaining players. Although the date of the next auction has not been announced, this year the team will be able to buy players for Rs 90 million. Last year the price was 85 million rupees. According to the recently announced rules, 3 out of 4 players currently playing in the IPL can use a combination of 3 out of 4 players, 1 Indian or 2 Indians and 2 foreigners. For the new team, it has been decided to draw 2 out of 3 Indian players and 1 foreign player.

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