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IPL 2022, KKR vs RR, Purple cap: Which player tops the Purple Cap roster? Where exactly is your favorite player? Learn | Which player tops the Purple Cap roster?

Orange and Purple Caps attract the attention of cricket fans every year after the start of the IPL. Let’s see what has changed on the Purple Cap table since yesterday’s match.

Mumbai: IPL (ICB 2022) The discussion about the orange hat and the purple hat begins. Everyone is looking forward to seeing where their favorite player is. Kolkata Knight Riders match against Rajasthan in IPL Season 15 yesterday. In this match Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Rajasthan Royals (KKR vs. RR) Won by 7 wickets. Nitish Frog (48) (nitish frog) and Rinku Singh (42) (Rinku Singh) He became the hero of KKR’s victory. Kolkata Knight Riders needed a win in yesterday’s match to keep their playoff challenge alive. Nitish and Rinku formed a partnership for half a century. That force was defeated. Nitish scored a six to seal the victory for Kolkata. KKR, led by Shreyas Iyer, had lost the last five games in a row. So they needed to win yesterday’s game. This is the fourth win for Kolkata Knight Riders and the fourth loss for Rajasthan Royals. Meanwhile, has the Purple Caps roster changed since then? Pahuya

Who is the recipient of Purple Cap?

Yuzvendra Chahal tops the IPL Purple Cap list. She has taken the most 19 wickets in the IPL this season. Kuldeep Yadav is in second place. He has taken a total of seventeen wickets in the IPL this season. In third place is T Natarajan. He has also taken seventeen wickets. Umesh Yadav is in fourth position. Umesh has taken 15 wickets while Vanindu has also taken 15 wickets in the IPL this season and is in fifth position.

Who is given the Orange Cap?

Orange and Purple Caps attract the attention of cricket fans every year after the start of the IPL. Because the highest scoring batsman in the IPL receives the orange cap, while the highest wicket-taker receives the purple cap. The standards for the orange and purple caps are constantly changing as the competition begins.

Shimron Heitmeyer’s shot

Shimron Heitmeyer’s late delivery helped Rajasthan cross the 150-run mark. While the Rajasthan Royals tickets were in trouble, Sanju Samson showed the captain’s tickets. Sanju played according to the needs of the team. He hit 54 of 49 balls. He had 7 fours and 1 six. Sanju actually plays very fast. But even the Kolkata players had a good strike and kept it a bit tight. Shivam Mavi’s bowling was caught by Singh at the limit.

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