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IPL 2022: Kolkata Knight Riders lose Rs 16 crore, big crisis for franchisees

IPL 2022: Kolkata Knight Riders won the match against Rajasthan Royals (KKR vs RR) yesterday. But this season is not very exciting for Kolkata.

Mumbai: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Rajasthan Royals yesterday.Rajasthan Roylas(match against)KKR vs. RR) Won. but this season to Calcutta (Calcutta) Not too exciting. KKR won the match yesterday after five straight losses. Kolkata Knight Riders made two big changes in yesterday’s match. It is a fact that the Kolkata team made these changes to win. But because of this, Rs 16 crore went overboard. This is something of a crisis for KKR. You say, Kolkata won the match yesterday, so how did Rs 16 crore go down the drain? The fact is that it is time to bring out the expensive players who bought KKR for Rs 16 crore.

What is the use of spending so many billions?

Kolkata Knight Riders made two changes in yesterday’s match against Rajasthan Royals. He sat Venkatesh Iyer outside. Venkatesh Iyer was not purchased by KKR at auction, but was retained. KKR had held Venkatesh for Rs 8 crore. Now that he has to sit outside, what is the use of spending so many crores of rupees?

So don’t say the money’s gone in the water

Not only Venkatesh Iyer was sent, but also Varun Chakraborty. Mystery spinner Varun Chakraborty is out of the previous match. KKR didn’t even buy Varun at the mega auction. Only Rs 8 crore was withheld. If the Rite-made players aren’t playing, then you can’t say the money has gone into the water. Players who have spent so much money are not in the team, victory is not guaranteed, so the difficulty of KKR has been exacerbated.

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