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Monday, June 13, 2022

Jack Evans says AEW’s salary contract made him “a little soft,” has no bad feelings towards the company’s decision

Jack Evans spoke with “Insight With Chris Van Vliet” this week to discuss his AEW contract not being renewed, COVID restrictions starting to get complacent, and his future plans.

Jack Evans talking about AEW not renewing his contract:

“It’s one of those things where I don’t really have bad experiences or anything. Like I said in a follow-up tweet, I understand where they’re coming from,” Evans said.

“I don’t think he was actually adding value to the company. It’s just one of those things. Living in that AEW contract was amazing, but it wasn’t a bitter breakup by any stretch of the imagination. I understood where they came from.”

About COVID restrictions:

“I feel like for the first year, the race actually started well. We had the place as the semi comic team. Then Angelico and I were at the Mexican border, which was closed due to COVID restrictions, and we had a four-month layoff,” he explained.

“I had this scrimmage when I came back, and I actually broke my face again, so there was another two-month break. I feel like after that, I never came back at full strength. I really felt like I deteriorated.”

“But I can’t blame it on the oxidation of the ring. I never had the same impulse. I felt that I was never fighting well and that I had deteriorated in the ring. This sounds weird, but it gave me a lot of self-confidence issues. Anyone who knows me knows how nervous I am backstage, but when I walk through the curtain and into the ring, I’m all cocky and confident. But he would walk through the curtain and still be nervous as hell. After the COVID layoff and face breaking, I felt like on a personal level, I was never really me when it came to in-ring skills.”

When you start being complacent:

“I feel like that salary contract made me a little soft. There was a time when I put on a little weight and fell off that break.”

“I just feel like I started coming back after that firing, but I think at that point, the company had already made a decision or whatever. I just became, not lazy in the ring, but lazy outside the ring.”

On what he plans to do in the future:

“I am not a man with a plan. For now, it’s business as usual with indies. I’m looking for a promotion in Mexico, so I’m starting to send resumes. But at my age, it might be time to start thinking about at least partial retirement. At least I hope to appear on television in Mexico.”

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