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Friday, June 3, 2022

MJF reportedly not happy with AEW contract, leaning towards signing with WWE

It doesn’t look like things have improved between AEW and MJF after AEW President Tony Khan got into a heated argument with him last month. Khan wasn’t happy about MJF doing a high-profile interview without telling AEW PR first. He left both men feeling “frustrated”.

fighting team reports that there has been no outward frustration from Khan regarding the situation since then. MJF is reportedly unhappy with his contract status and pay scale as of that conversation. The report stated that the situation left him bitter on many things.

According to the report, MJF publicly speaking about the possibility of going to WWE when his contract expires in 2014 is not in character as it is something he has considered. There has been at least some progress on his future in AEW, there have been open mentions of him possibly getting an extension. However, those at AEW do not believe that MJF and Khan are as close as they were prior to the heated argument.

Sean Ross Sapp wrote: “MJF is said to be leaning towards leaving AEW from now on when his deal is up.” Anything can change between now and 2024. It’s unclear if this is necessarily a renegotiation of his current contract or an extension after the fact. They have not been told that he is 100 percent ready to leave the company.

It has been reported that WWE is very interested in signing him. MJF was recently on Barstool Rasslin’s podcast and mentioned that he wasn’t happy with ex-WWE making more money than him in AEW.

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