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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Montez Ford reveals the touching reason behind buying Bianca Belair a boat for her birthday

During this week’s “After The Bell With Corey Graves,” Montez Ford reveals that he bought Bianca Belair a boat for her birthday.

“For his birthday, I bought him a boat,” Ford said.

“When we met, we went to see his family in Knoxville. Her dad actually has a boat. He said how hard his parents worked to get that boat. He then he said it would be nice to have a boat. That was about six years ago,” he continued.

“I planned it and bought a boat safely, but that doesn’t mean I’m here flying paying for it. It was something that she wanted and I tried to do my best to make sure that she could get it for her.”

Other topics covered during this week’s podcast include the Raw Tag Team division and Angelo Dawkins’ unique living room setup.

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