PHO vs ATL Dream11 Prediction WNBA Live Phoenix Mercury vs Atlanta Dream

ERA vs. ATL Dream11: The WNBA is a gift that keeps on giving and the start of the season has seen some teams rise while others fall. The WNBA season is less than half that of the NBA, so we’ll hit playoff level in mid-August. The athletes entertained here deserve more views and better travel conditions for sure. Anyway, let’s dive into the game between the Phoenix Mercury and the Atlanta Dream.

The Mercury have lost five of their seven games, and in the last game, they lost 94:99 to the Sparks. Skylar-Diggins Smith had 28 while Tina Charles had 21, but without Griner, the team has been very vulnerable defensively. On the other hand, Dream are off to a decent start, winning four of their seven games. However, they have lost two games in a row, both to the Mystics, where their offense has completely collapsed. In the last game, they only had 50 points.

Host: Atlanta Dream
Visitors: Phoenix Mercury
Match schedule: May 29, at 21:30 (+05:30 UTC)
Event: gateway hub

NBA projections, statistics and analysis

Dream’s offense is on, Mercury’s defense has been hollow

While Dream has had some tough shooting nights since rookie Rhyne Howard arrived on the scene, his defense looks elite. In the last game, Ryne shot just 0/9 and Dream has needed big nights from the two-way dynamo to succeed. Aside from her and Cheyenne Parker, there has been a lack of offense. Erica Wheeler has been off the field a bit and has increased the load for Aari McDonald.

Mercury hasn’t had much trouble offensively, especially when Skylar Diggins-Smith is clicking. Diamond DeShields has been a great inclusion while Tina Charles is finding her way. Defensively, though, Mercury has been struggling to put together tough nights. They’ve been buried from both the perimeter and inside, so maybe a team like Dream doesn’t seem like a bad matchup right now.

performance predictions

Top scorer: Skylar Diggins-Smith: 24
Top rebounder: Brianna Turner: 10
Top assist creator: Diana Taurasi: 7
Score Prediction: Mercury 83 Dream 75

Phoenix Mercury vs Atlanta Dream WNBA Live, team news and lineups

Phoenix Mercury Team News:

  • Brittney Griner, Kia Nurse, Sophie Cunningham, Shey Peddy They are outside.

Mercury expected five initials
Post Front: F: Brianna Turner
High Performance Scorer: C: Tina Charles
Athletic Guard: G: Diamond DeShields
Isolation Scorer: PG: Skylar Diggins-Smith
Game guard: PG: Diana Taurasi

BANK: Megan Gustafson, Krlie Samuelson, Sam Thomas, Kristine Anigwe.

Atlanta Dream Team News:

Expected dream Initial five
High Post Forward: F: Cheyenne Parker
Physical Forward: F: Nia Coffey
Cunning Dribbler: G: Erica Wheeler
Shooter without the ball: SG: Kristy Wallace
Precision 2-Way Guard: SG: Rhyne Howard

BANK: Beatrice Mompremier, Megan Walker, Naz Hillmon, Kia Vaughn, Aari McDonald.

NBA results, best fantasy basketball picks

Skylar Diggins-Smith (PHO)
Points: 28
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 02
Steals: 03
Blocks: 01
Skylar is an explosive southpaw guard who knows how to finish in traffic while being a sharp shooter. She also provides great perimeter defense and can be in the 22-29 range here. She can be selected as a star/pro player in the Dream 11 NBA Fantasy screenplay.
Expected Fantasy Point Range: 30-44

Rhyne Howard (ATL)
Points: 00
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 02
Steals: 02
Rookie Howard will come into the game after a tough night of scoring, but other than that, she’s been a huge factor at both ends. I expect a range of 13-19 points, 4-6 rebounds and 1-3 steals/blocks.
Expected Fantasy Point Range: 22-32

Tina Charles (AFP)
Points: 21
Rebounds: 07
Assists: 01
Blocks: 02
Steals: 01

After a slow start to her Mercury career, Charles went down 7/10 in the last game while being a good rebounder. She thinks she’ll be in the range of 16-23 points and 6-9 rebounds.
Expected Fantasy Point Range: 20-30

Cheyenne Parker (ATL)
Points: 04
Rebounds: 07
Attendances: 00
Blocks: 02
Steals: 01
Cheyenne has made some spectacular shots from the high post while also providing strong rebounding and defense. I think he will be at 11-16 points, 6-11 rebounds and 1-3 block range.
Expected Fantasy Point Range: 19-30

Diamond DeShields (PHO)
Points: 17
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 09
Steals: 01
Guard DeShields has been a great finisher and has brought great production to the Mercury. He thinks he’ll be at 14-21 points, 3-6 assists and 4-6 rebounding range.
Expected Fantasy Point Range: 22-36

Nia Coffey (ATL)
Points: 06
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 02
Forward Nia has been an excellent rebounding presence, but more will be needed from her offensively. I think she’ll be in a range of 5-9 points and 4-7 rebounds.
Expected Fantasy Point Range: 13-23


  • Erica Wheeler (ATL) Dyed 9 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 robberies in the last game. Erica is one of the best dribblers, but her offense has struggled as she gave it up seven times. She expected a range of 8-13 points and 3-6 assists.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 15-25
  • Brianna Turner (photography) Dyed 10ppoints, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, 1 block in the last game. Brianna has been a strong rebounder and defender. She expected a range of 7-11 points, 7-12 rebounds and 1-3 blocks/steals.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 12-22
  • Diana Taurasi (OPS) Dyed 11 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 robbery in the last game. The Taurasi guard is still a threat from the perimeter and is an incredible playmaker. I expect a range of 15-23 points and 4-7 assists.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 22-31
  • Kristy Wallace (ATL) Dyed 8 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 block in the last game. Kristy is a brilliant shooter and is expanding her offensive arsenal. I expect a range of 7-12 points.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 13-23
  • Megan Gustafson (photography) Dyed 7 points in the last game. Megan plays low minutes but can dip at some points. I expect a range of 5-9 points and 2-4 rebounds.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 6-16
  • Aari McDonald (ATL) Dyed 10 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 robbery in the last game. Aari made three of nine shots from him and has been a huge offensive factor off the bench. I expect a range of 11-16 points here.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 17-25
  • Naz Hillmon (ATL) Dyed 7 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist in the last game. Hillmon can be in the range of 4-8 points.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 6-16
  • Kia Vaughn(ATL) Dyed 2 points, 4 rebounds. Kia is a decent big off the bench, I expect a range of 2-6 points and 3-6 rebounds.
    Expected Fantasy Point Range: 6-16

PHO vs. ATL Dream11 Team

PG: S Diggins-Smith (SP)Parker
SG: D Tauraasi, D DeShields, R Howard (PP)
SF: N. Coffey
FAQ: B Turner
C:T Carlos

PG: S Diggins-Smith (SP)Parker
SG:D DeShields, R. Howard (PP), K Anne-Wallace
SF: N. Coffey
FAQ: B Turner
C:T Carlos

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