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Rishabh Pant: ‘Don’t face it, run the bat’ India vs South Africa Cape Town test Rishabh pant hears Morne Morkel’s suggestion and hits the century

On a fast track for bowlers where Rathi-Maharathi batsmen were crowding around. There, the 24-year-old had to fend for himself with South African fast bowlers.

Cape Town: Enough of natural sports and nonsense, get him off the team, young India goalie and hitter Rishabh Pant constantly facing failure and criticism.Rishabh pants) Today your bat closed everyone’s mouth. In the second inning of the Johannesburg Test, Rishabh Aksharaksh: threw her wicket. Then they all fell on them. Former South African fast pitcher Morne Morkel (Morne morkel) ‘Do not face, run the bat, otherwise you will leave the team’.

That’s what batney said
Rishabh heard Morni Morkel today and what she said was a bat. With the strength of their hitting, India has set a target of 212 for the victory against South Africa. After Pujara and Rahane were fired, Rishabh returned to the field today. If other ground had been taken at that time, India’s entries would have ended even earlier. But the young hitter took responsibility on his shoulders and kept the score rolling.

Kohli showed restraint
Skipper Kohli was hitting sparingly on one side while Rishabh was hitting ODI-style on the other. At the crucial moment, the association between the two became important. Rishabh was undefeated in 100 races. He hit six fours and four sixes in the century. On a field suitable for South African fast bowlers where Rathi-Maharathi batsmen were crowding. There, the 24-year-old had to fend for himself with South African fast bowlers.

Irresponsible shot not played
He will never forget the answer he gave to Jansen on the field. It wasn’t easy hitting in this field that helped fast pitchers. Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli had said that they had argued with Rishabh Pant before the third Trial. In today’s game on the third day, Rishabh didn’t play a single irresponsible shot. He hit bad balls. “Rishabh Pant is hitting in his direction. His game today is aggressive, but not irresponsible. This is what you can expect from Rishabh,” said Akash Chopra.

3RishabhPant17 #SAVE pic.twitter.com/yIbfZ2BXhQ

– BCCI (CCBCCI) January 13, 2022

Pant replied to Jansen
Jansen was bowling in front of Pantas in the second session after lunch. This was the over 50 of the Indian entries. Pant played the first five balls of the over with ease. Then, on the last ball, Pant threw a defensive punch at the bowler. Pant was in the same defensive position after the shot. After the ball went to Jansen angrily, he threw the ball towards Pant. Pant once again hit the ball with the bat. Pant’s prediction didn’t stop the commentator from smiling. He praised Pant.

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