T20 World Cup 2021: India’s path to the semi-finals is difficult, the Pakistan-Afghanistan dilemma |

Bombay: The curiosity of the Indian fans for the T20 World Cup ended in the middle after the defeat against Pakistan. There was some hope, but it was followed by black clouds over Afghanistan’s great victory over Scotland. Afghanistan beat Scotland by 130 runs in their first match of the tournament. After such a big win, the Indian team has a hard time moving forward. The Indian team is in danger of being eliminated from the tournament before the semi-finals. Because when the ticket to the semi-final depends on the net race rate, the road to India will be difficult. The situation for the India team could be exactly the same as that of the Mumbai Indians at this year’s IPL. (T20 World Cup 2021: India team’s path to the semi-final becomes difficult after the big victory of Pakistan and Afghanistan)

Afghanistan beat Scotland by 130 races in the T20 World Cup on Monday (October 25). With this victory, Afghanistan has reached the top position in Group 2 of Super 12. In the biggest victory for Afghanistan in the history of T20 cricket, bowlers Mujib-ur-Rehman and Rashid Khan played brilliantly. After scoring 190 runs in the first innings, Afghanistan outscored Scotland by just 60 runs.

India is caught up in the math of the net execution rate

With this victory, Afghanistan has secured the first position of Group 2 with India. Although both Pakistan and Afghanistan have won a match each, Afghanistan’s net run rate has risen to +6,500 due to this huge victory. India has lost a match. India needs big wins to break Afghanistan’s net execution rate when the opportunity arises to advance to the next round in the future. Pakistan, meanwhile, beat India by 10 wickets and 13 balls. Therefore, the net execution rate for Pakistan is +0.973. So Pakistan ranks second in the table, while India’s distribution network is -0.973, so India is at the bottom of its group.

We have to wait for the victory of Pakistan today

In the Super 12, two teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals. India’s next game is against New Zealand on October 31. But Pakistan will have to wait to beat New Zealand today before strategizing to win it. Because if New Zealand wins, the difficulties may increase. If Pakistan beat New Zealand today and then India beat the Kiwis on October 31, the situation could improve a bit. However, if this hope is not fulfilled, India may be eliminated from the semi-finals.

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