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The center of power is changing in Team India, the Rohit-Virat era is over, the numbers say it all.

The center of power is changing in Team India, the Rohit-Virat era is over, the numbers say it all.

A strong middle order is essential for any team playing cricket. Now the average order of the Indian team (Team India) is slowly taking shape. Regardless of the format, Test, ODI or T20 Now after the drop of two or three wickets the team really starts to bat.

Mumbai: A strong middle order is essential for any team playing cricket. Now the Indian team (indian team) The intermediate table is gradually taking shape. Whatever the format, try, (Proof) ODI (ODI) or T20 Now, after the drop of two or three wickets, the team really starts to hit. A total of seven games were played across the three formats in England. There are similar indications of it. The same was previously seen in the tour of Australia and also in the national series. Rohit Sharma on social media from the perspective of people and Virat Kohli Even today there are great cricketers. But the picture is changing on the ground. Now the time of Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya is coming. Let us know more about this.

Who were the top 3?

If we look at the performance till 2019, the power center of India was with the best batsmen. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan were paired in ODI and T20I. Virat Kohli used to be at number three. In 60 per cent of India’s matches, one of these three would play a big tackle. But at the beginning of 2020, the situation changed. 11 players were judged for the top 3 positions in ODI cricket. It also featured Virat, Rohit and Dhawan. Meanwhile, India scored just one top 3 century in 24 ODI matches.
This year, the T20 World Cup will be held in Australia in October-November. The top 3 have also not fared well in the T20 format. A total of 15 batsmen from India have batted in the top 3 since January 2020, including Rohit, Virat and Dhawan. He scored at an average of 33. That is the top 3 runs scored by Pakistan at an average of 40.

India is winning matches by the middle order

India is winning matches despite the failure of veteran batsmen like Virat, Dhawan and Rohit. Because the additional load is lifting the middle plank. Since January 2020, India’s number four to seven batsmen have earned a combined average of 44.91 in 24 ODIs.

The same is the case in T20. Number four through number seven hitters have averaged 31 runs in 43 games since 2020.

Salvator pants, consistency in Hardik’s performance

Rishabh Pant has been Team India’s best batsman in all three formats in the past year. He scored a brilliant century at the Edgbaston Test during the tour of England. He also scored an assault century at the last ODI in Manchester.
Pant has scored 1,287 runs in 36 caps since July 1, 2021. He has three centuries. Rohit Sharma has scored 1,144 runs in 29 games. He is in second place. But he hasn’t been at his best since the last T20 World Cup.

Virat Kohli has scored just 851 runs in 27 games. Includes 7 fifties. But there is no century. He hasn’t scored a century in the last three years.

Rohit-Virat is still two or three months old

Hardik Pandya has yet to play in the tests. But in the last year he has scored 415 runs in 21 games. Aside from that, 15 wickets have also been taken. Both Pant and Pandya are IPL team captains. Hardik led the Gujarat Titans to the IPL title at his first attempt. He displayed leadership skills in his first season as captain. Rohit Sharma is now 35 years old. Virat Kohli will turn 34 in November. That means the last years of his career remain. In the next two or three months, these two players have not played on a par, players like Pandya and Rishabh will become even bigger in the eyes of the public.

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