The truth behind Rishabh Pant’s Corona positive

As soon as Rishabh Pantala Corona was beaten, there was talk that her connection was to the Euro 2020 matches she went to watch. But there is a lot of information about the origin of Pantla.

Rishabh pant

London: The India vs England test series is just a few days away. The team has come to Durham to practice. Practice matches with County XI will also begin on July 20. But Rishabh Pant, India’s all-time land grabber leader, has been crowned, adding to the team management headaches. The delta variant of Pantala corona is infected. Where did this infection occur in the meantime? Many arguments are being made about this. The most talked about is the place where Pant went to watch the Euro football match with his friends. But the truth is something different and Pant had gone to another place where he is more likely to be infected with corona.

According to a report published by the Times of India, Pantla could be the site of any infection. But before the infection, he went to a dentist in England, where he likely has coronary heart disease. Pantala Corona was intercepted on July 8 and has since been separated at a relative’s home in England. According to TOI, Pant went to the dentist on July 5-6. He then went to London on July 7 with the rest of the team to take a second dose of the vaccine.

Jai Shah gave important information about Pant

On Pant’s positive crown result, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah said: “Pant was not in the hotel reserved for the team during the holidays. Only then was he crowned on July 8. He has asymptomatic symptoms. He is in isolation and is being cared for by the BCCI medical team After this, Pant will rejoin the Indian team only after 2 negative tests.

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