The unique story of the referee.

The feat was done when there was a great veteran hitter on the Pakistan team. Along with the wickets, the bowler also threw 22 maidens in that match.

There have been many great bowlers in the history of cricket. Despite playing fewer games, the veterans had made a name for themselves, one of them being New Zealand bowler Frank Cameron. Frank was born on June 1, 1932 in Otago, New Zealand. Thirty-two years after his birth, Frank led a fast-paced performance, bringing nine Pakistani hitters to the store in a single game. (New Zealand bowler Frank Cameron took nine batting grounds in one game)

In 1964, a test match between New Zealand and Pakistan was played at Auckland Test. In the match, Frank threw a penetrating 49 overs for New Zealand, of which 22 were undefeated. He also gave away just 70 runs in the remaining overs. He also fired nine, not two, but nine Pakistani players. This was the toughest performance of his career.

Frank Cameron’s career

Frank Cameron is one of the fastest bowlers on the New Zealand team in the 1960s. Frank played 19 events for New Zealand. He took 62 wickets in these games. He has also taken 447 wickets in 119 first-class matches. In first-class cricket, he has taken five wickets in one inning more than 21 times. After his retirement, Frank has been a coach and later a referee in New Zealand cricket.

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