Will James Anderson break Sachin Tendulkar’s ‘he’ record?

Sachin Tendulkar has an important record set by England fast pitcher James Anderson that no one else has broken. (England James Anderson may break Sachin’s tendulkar record)

Sachin Tendulkar’s cricket record is often discussed in world cricket. Sachin Tendulkar’s many records set a record. Now the fastest bowler in England By James Anderson Sachin Tendulkar has an important record in goal that no one else has broken. Veterans like Ricky Ponting, Alaster Cook, and Steve Waugh couldn’t break it. Now, on the India tour of England, James Anderson has a chance to break that record. (England James Anderson may break Sachin’s tendulkar record)

What is the record?

Sachin Tendulkar has played 200 events in his 24-year cricket career. He has played 94 of those games on Indian courts. Tendulkar’s record marks James Anderson. It could break Sachin’s record in the next two months.

How to beat a record?

Anderson has played 89 home games so far. In other words, he needs to play 7 more games to play as many games as Sachin on the home field. That means he will complete 94 games on the indigenous field. In this way, he will make an important record of the cricket god Sachin Tendulkar on his behalf.

The Indian team is going on a tour of England. The Indian team wants to play 5 matches against England. Before that, England will play a two-game test series against New Zealand. After these matches, the New Zealand team will face the Indian team on the occasion of the World Test Championship.

… So breaking Sachin’s record?

In other words, if Andersen wants to break Tendulkar’s record, he will have to play both the Trials against New Zealand and the five Trials against India. If he plays all seven games, he will play 94 home games and set the record for Sachin.

The good guys didn’t come together to break the record…!

Ricky Ponting of Australia has won the most home games after Tendulkar. He played 92 games on Australian soil. This was followed by England’s James Anderson, Alastair Cook and Australian Steve Waugh playing 89 home games. Now both Cook and Waugh have retired. But Andrews, 39, is still bowling. He has a chance to break Sachin’s record.

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