World Cup T20: Jadeja angered by Virat Kohli’s statement after the defeat against Pakistan.

Dubai: The Indian cricket team’s campaign for the ICC T20 World Cup did not start well. In the first match, India had to accept the defeat of Pakistan. This was the first time that India lost to Pakistan in the World Cup. India, led by Virat Kohli, was eliminated by Pakistan, led by Babar Azam, and lost by 10 wickets. Initially, Shaheen Shah Afridi broke the chains of the Indian batsmen, then Babur and his starter Mohammad Rizwan did not allow the Indian bowlers to take a single wicket. (I am disappointed in Virat Kohli saying India fell behind against Pakistan after losing 2 wickets: Ajay Jadeja)

After the match, Virat Kohli praised the Pakistan team and said: “This team defeated our team unilaterally.” For India, Virat Kohli did something well in this match. He managed to play a 57-run inning. No other player could perform well. After the game, Kohli made some comments about the India team that former India hitter Ajay Jadeja did not like. Ajay Jadeja is disappointed to hear Kohli’s statement.

… So Jadeja is upset

Speaking to Cricketbuzz Hindi, Jadeja said: “I heard Virat Kohli’s statement that day. He had said:“ We were pushed to the foot of the baton only when we lost the first two wickets at the start of the match against Pakistan. I didn’t like his point. The game couldn’t have ended when a hitter like Virat Kohli was playing. He hadn’t even played two balls and was thinking negatively. It shows the mentality of the Indian players. “

Victory over New Zealand is essential

India had lost the first match, but now India cannot afford to lose the second match. The India team now have to face New Zealand on October 31 and India must win this match at any cost. If the team doesn’t, their way to the semi-finals will be difficult. There is also the problem of net renrate. After New Zealand, India will play Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia. In all of this, they will have to win big. At the same time, New Zealand has also lost to Pakistan. But its net execution rate is better than India’s.

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