WTC Final: Former ‘England’ Captain Predicts ‘East’ Player From India |

The long-awaited World Trials Championship final is scheduled to begin in England on June 18. Former England captain Michael Vaughan has made an important prediction about the final.

The final match of the World Test Championship, known as the Test cricket ‘World Cup’, will be played in Southampton, England, from June 18-22. The final will be played between India and New Zealand, who are at the top of the ICC Test rankings. In the meantime, according to former England captain Michael Vaughan, the performance of India’s wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant will be a sight to see and will do his best for the Indian team. (English cricketer Michael Vaughan predicts that Rishabh Pant will change the rules of the game in the WTC final)

Vaughan is known as one of England’s top hitters and a successful captain. Vaughan, who is always in the news for his statements, is looking forward to the WTC final like all cricket lovers and has started to make various predictions before the match. According to him, three players from both teams are likely to perform better in these matches.

Two from New Zealand and one from India

As predicted by Michael Vaughan, Rishabh Pant will play for India. However, two New Zealand players will do well. They are Kyle Jamieson and BJ Walting. Jamison is a fast bowler and Walting is a great hitter.

If the WTC final is tied or tied…?

The ICC has announced the playing conditions for the final. In the event of a tie or tie, both teams will receive the trophy as joint winners, the ICC said. In addition, June 23 has been kept as a reserved day. If it is not possible to play 30 hours in the first five days, a reserve day will be used.

India’s mission against Kiwi is 72 hours

The strategy of cricket matches is preferably based on field practice. However, the India team (Inidan Cricket Team) will prepare for the final match of the World Trials Championship in a closed room. To do this, the team has prepared a ‘secret plan’. According to the plan, the entire team will stay in a closed room for 72 hours to learn all the tactics of the New Zealand players. The method of play of each player will be studied during this important shot

Who is Michael Vaughan?

Dhippad, who is approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall, is known as one of the most successful captains in the history of cricket in England. It was because Vaughan had snapped Australia’s nine-year winning streak in the Ashes series. England haven’t won an Ashes series since 1986, when Vaughn led England to victory in 2005, nine years later.

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